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Led by the Spirit, Anchored in the Truth
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Our Mission Statement

We are dedicated to being the people of Almighty God that declares, demonstrates, and deepens the hope of the Christian life, especially to those of East-African descent and all who identify with our vision.

Our Goals

  1. Declare our Love for the Father and His for us through biblical, Pentecostal, and a distinctively African manner of worship. 
  2. Demonstrate our Hope in Jesus Christ throughout the world by means of evangelism, missions, and works of compassion. 
    Deepen our Life in the Spirit through discipleship, prayer, the Word, the Ordinances, and Christian fellowship.

Core Values

  1. ) To follow Christ as the head of the Church and submit to His will.
  2. ) To be faithful to Biblical teaching as expressed in the ancient creeds, the Constitution, and the sixteen Fundamental Statements of Faith of the Assemblies of God.
  3. ) To worship God in Spirit and Truth by following Biblical patterns that are relevant to African Christian visitors.
  4. ) To be engaged in introducing people to Christ through individual and corporate witness. 
  5. ) To make and nurture Christian disciples by sharing our knowledge and experience of God through training and educational programs. 
  6. ) To serve others through works of compassion, such as Pastoral Care, Ministry to Refugees, Homeless, Shelters, Food Banks, Emergency Relief Agencies, and English as a Second language, etc.
  7. ) To cultivate the joy of belonging through hospitality and fellowship.
  8. ) To support our church through the stewardship of our time, talents, and treasures. 
  9. ) To participate in Assemblies of God US and World Missions, and with such other bodies as this church may establish relations.
  10. ) To undergird everyone with prayer. 

Our History
Hope of Life International Church began in the home of Rose Mapendo in 2011. After holding services in several other locations, it obtained the building on 43rd Ave. where it is now located. Its vision was to reach out to the International community of the Phoenix area and the region of the Great Lakes of East Africa, who have moved here to Arizona. 

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