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Providing Spiritual Direction for Life
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We are a church born from the vision of the great commission. We help build up one another by providing both their spiritual and physical needs. Through these ministries and assistance, we are able
to reach many people, especially of the East-African descent, strengthening them in the faith.

Ministries at Hope of Life International Church

  • Counseling and Spiritual Guidance

    Founded in the biblical truth and the leading of the Holy Spirit, we give direction to our sisters and brothers in Christ. We believe that without the Word of God, no sturdy foundation of character will happen. It enables everyone to know what is right from wrong and make wise decisions inclined to their eternal purpose.

  • Training Classes in Discipleship

    After winning souls and training people to become faithful disciples, we equip them to become the next leaders that captured the vision of great commission in their hearts. We help people grow mature in faith, stand as a Christian, and lead many to the light.

  • English as Second Language Classes
    Not only are we genuinely concerned for the spiritual welfare of our church members but we also spare the time to improve their knowledge on other matters, especially on their English communication skills. We believe that with expertise in speaking, we are able to reach out eloquently to those who need to hear the Good News.

We also offer the following:

  • Pastoral Care
  • Ministry to Refugees and Homeless
  • Shelters
  • Food Banks
  • Emergency Relief Agencies

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